Which Style of Siding Would Look Best on Your House?

pink victorian house

This Victorian House Has Multiple Siding Style Examples On It

Most homes have siding. When people think of siding, they think of the classic vinyl vertical panels on the sides of a house, but siding can also be the entirety of the brick around your foundation. Siding is just anything that covers the wood foundation that was used to build your house. Siding doesn’t just have to be applied to the sides of houses; it can be applied to roofs and over dormers. If you need siding repair for areas of your roof, you can schedule roof repair in Noblesville, IN. Here at Front Range Storm Contractors, we proudly carry Hardie board siding and offer an extensive range of siding style options in Castle Rock, CO for you to choose. Call us at (720) 506-4425 to schedule an appointment for your siding installation today.

Different Styles of Siding

  • Board and Batten: The most popular form of siding, this vertical style gets its name from the cedar or vinyl boards that are nailed to a batten. A batten is the raised part you see in the siding that helps seal cracks in the boards while providing insulation and weather protection.
  • Dutch Lap: Dutch lap siding are thick vertical panels that have been around since the Colonies, so this siding style is typically seen on older architecture and homes in the Northeast.
  • Clapboard: Similar to Dutch Lap panels, Clapboard panels are thin horizontal boards. Clapboard siding is the most popular siding style in America, currently.
  • Beaded: This siding style has beads along the edge of the siding to give it a 3D effect
  • Scallop/ Half Round: Seen on old Victorian homes, scalloped siding is typically used as an accent piece and only covers part of a home, like the trim of a gabled roof or turret.