When Does Siding Need to be Replaced?

Siding should be replaced when it's warped or cracked.

How much does it cost to put siding on a house?

If you are having problems with your home siding like cracking or warping or frequently need to have it repainted, it’s probably time to get the siding replaced. Before you replace your home siding, you’ll consider costs.

Costs will vary depending on the material used. If you have wood siding, a full house replacement by a professional will cost anywhere between $14,000 to $23,000 for a two-story home, whereas vinyl and aluminum siding will cost about $6,800 for the whole house. Fiber cement siding will cost about as much as wood siding, but the costs are offset by the durability of this type of siding. Fiber cement siding like Hardie Board can last up to 50 years.

When you are considering home siding replacement, below is a list of common signs that your siding needs to be replaced.

Signs siding needs to be replaced:

  • Frequent painting required: Siding should generally keep its color for 8 or more years. If you’re painting it every few years because its cracking or peeling, the siding is probably bad.
  • High energy bills: Because siding helps protect insulation, if your energy bills are increasing, your siding may be affecting your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Rotting or warping: If you see signs of warping or rotting you may need to replace the siding.
  • Cracked or loose: Any siding that’s cracked or loose may need repair or replacement.
  • Paint peeling or loose wallpaper in the home: If paint is peeling or your wallpaper is loose, it’s possible your siding is letting moisture seep inside your home.
  • Growth of fungus, mold or mildew: Any signs of mold, mildew or fungus growth on the outside of the home could indicate water is penetrating the siding and getting inside the wall.
  • Fading: While some fading may be expected, severe fading may indicate the siding is well past its prime and ready to replace. Severely fading siding may have lost its waterproofing capabilities.
  • Bubbles: Bubbles usually indicate trapped water.
  • Holes: Holes are usually an indication of an insect infestation like termites.
  • Dry rot: if you tap your siding with the handle of a screwdriver and hear a hollow sound, your siding has likely fallen victim to dry rot and is rotting from the inside out.

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Paint peeling or loose wallpaper may be a sign your siding is letting moisture in or it could be a sign of a plumbing leak. If you’re seeing water pooling in your yard, you could have a yard leak in Denver, CO. Any leaks need to be repaired to protect your home from further damage.

What is the best siding material?

The kind of home siding you choose for your home will generally depend on your needs. Among the most popular siding materials are vinyl, fiber cement, wood, brick and stucco, as well as stone and stone-veneer and aluminum siding. Each type of home siding has its advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl siding, for instance, if you looking for a low cost, low maintenance option may be the best choice for you. On the other hand fiber cement, while it costs more to install, is very durable and can last up to 50 years. Other types of siding like wood are good choices as well. Wood is versatile but is vulnerable to issues like termite infestation. What’s best will depend on your budget and what you want for your home.

What is the cheapest siding to put on a house?

Generally, vinyl siding is usually the cheapest to put on a house, with the average cost running around $4 per square foot or less. Similarly, metal siding like aluminum costs about the same as vinyl siding. Metal siding, while low maintenance, is vulnerable to denting, especially in hail storms.

What is the most durable siding?

When you’re adding siding to your home, you want it to last. There are many home siding options highly rated for durability, from stucco to brick and wood. One of the most durable Front Range Storm Contractors works with is fiber cement Hardie Boards. This siding material with care can last up to 50 years.

Is vinyl siding better than wood?

Both vinyl siding and wood siding have their advantages. Wood siding is durable and very attractive but requires quite a bit of maintenance. It also usually costs more than vinyl to install. Vinyl siding is generally low maintenance and costs less than wood. It also comes in a variety of colors that suits any home. Older vinyl siding is prone to cracking, fading and sagging, but newer technologies reduce these problems. Again, what kind of siding you choose depends on your budget and what you want for your home.

Siding without sheathing

Some older homes may not have sheathing underneath the home siding, but generally the sheathing is recommended because it adds a layer of protection from the elements and from water penetrating inside the home.

Siding like wood

If you want to have the look of wood siding with fewer maintenance problems, you can install fiber cement siding that has the look and feel of wood.

Siding and trim

When adding exterior trim to your home, you want to match the trim to the home siding and to the home’s overall design. While trim has traditionally been made from wood, there are now also varieties of vinyl trim to fit with your siding.

Regular cleaning will help keep you vinyl siding clear of damaging materials.

Siding cleaning

As a regular part of maintenance, it’s a good idea to clean your home siding. Vinyl siding, in particular, should be cleaned regularly. Vinyl accumulates everything from dirt and grime to pollen and bird droppings. Cleaning the siding regularly not only improves the look of the siding and your home, but also helps protect the siding from getting damaged by the build-up of materials on it. You can use a soft cloth and specially formulated cleansers or a mixture of water, white vinegar or even powdered laundry detergents to clean vinyl and aluminum siding.

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