What Will Your Insurance Cover?

Hail Damage

Hail Damage May Be Covered By Your Insurance.

If you have had something happen that requires calling your insurance, it probably wasn’t good. Going through insurance companies hoops can be frustrating and seem like things will never get done. If the problem is serious and needs to be fixed quickly, the insurance company should be notified right away and you can move forward with a roof damage insurance claim, depending on what they say. Below, we will cover a few things that your insurance may cover. This is not going to say that they will for sure cover these items, because every insurance and situation is different, but typically, these are common problems that get coverage.

Home Roof Insurance May Cover

Hail Damage – Hail is something that is natural and cannot be avoided. You may have a top rated roof and have taken precautions, but it may not always stop hail from making its mark on your home.

Water Damage – Water damage happens when your roof has a hole or spot of damage on it and it rains. This is a situation where insurance may have to do a little investigating before they pay up, but typically water damage is covered.

Shingle Repairs – Shingles get old and they begin to get damaged. Sometimes its time and sometimes it is because of the weather. If you notice that your shingles are beginning to pull up, call a roofer to check it out and then file a claim to have it repaired.

Damage From Other Items – We have seen it all and that includes things like trees falling on roofs and causing damage not only to your roof, but places like your garage door as well, causing you to have to have a Colorado garage door service.

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