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Loose Roofing Shingles

Strong Winds Will Blow Loose Shingles From Your Roof.

Storm damage is more than rain and hail. High winds can harm your roof and its materials, leaving your house exposed to more damage. Loose materials and corners receive the brunt of the wind as it travels along your roofing. Mold, mildew, wood rot, and leaks can attack your home once your roof system deck and insulation are susceptible, letting water and rain invade your house. Debris and tree limbs can also assault your roof when high winds throw them at your house. Roof strike from these can lead to scrapes and even scoring in the structure of your roof system. This debris travels to your gutters and can collect in your downspout. This can lead to overwhelming damage through your roofing system. You can receive roof wind damage repair in Castle Rock, CO when you contact (720) 506-4425.

Many individuals assume that hail storms and rain are the only two inclement weather destructions that are able to affect your home and roof. Although rain storms and hailstorms can inflict considerable harm, high winds can also do a lot of damage to your roof and residence. There are many sections on your roofing systems that will obtain damage from high wind. Your insulation and decking have the potential to become exposed due to strong winds, which will then cause water to move into your home and result in leakage, mold, and rotten wood.

Throughout a very severe storm, high winds will not only harm the roofing system directly, but it can dump branches and debris seamlessly on top of the roofing system. With tree limbs being close to a roofing system, there is the potential of scratched roofing systems, cracked shingles, and even having a whole limb land on top of the roof. Debris can't really do a lot of damage to the roofing system, but it is able to block up gutters that will then cause water to pond on the roof. One other thing to keep in mind is that as a roofing system gets older, so does the protection that it once gave your home.

When you want roof wind damage repair in Castle Rock, CO, know who to call. At Front Range Storm Contractors, we give you the storm damage services you want to have your roofing back defending your home. Using quality techniques, our roof wind damage repair bolsters and repairs your roof system, offering it the fortification it needs to manage future storms and winds. Our expert roofing contractors are always available to speak with you about your roof wind damage repair! Contact us today at 720-506-4425!

Do You Need Roof Wind Damage Repair?

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If you are not sure on whether you require roof wind damage repair on your house, there is a small inspection you can complete to assess your roof’s condition. Inspect your roofing system to see if there is any unsecured or missing material. When these scraps are severed by high winds, it leaves your roof system undefended from additional damage.

After you have gauged the loss of roofing materials, check your lingering materials for water retention, curling, and damage. This can be a symptom that your roofing has leaks and further damage. Notches may also be found along the surface from tree or debris strikes. Your roofing structure may have even more grievous damage covered below layers of materials. To detect any damage not readily apparent outside of your property, determine your roof structure within your attic to find any leaks or damage.

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Have one of our skilled roofers inspect your roof thoroughly to make sure all damage is identified. Roof wind damage repair completed by our team gets your roofing system back in shape and bolstered against the next storm. To begin on your roof inspection and roof wind damage repair in Castle Rock, CO and the surrounding area, dial 720-506-4425 for Front Range Storm Contractors.