Why Is Your Roof Soffit Important?

The component which connects the roofing overhang to the side of the structure, soffit, usually gets

constructed from vinyl or aluminum. Though homeowners rarely invest much attention to their soffit, this necessary piece of roofing provides a valuable function. In the absence of soffit, the eaves of your home would be completely exposed! In addition to a design component, soffit also protects the rafters from damage from insects, rodents, and water. Without soffit, a combo of rain and wind can whip water into the underside of your roofing. Today we will go over a few ways you can recognize signs of damage on your soffit.

The weather and pests can deteriorate your soffit over the years. As with any components of your roof, infrequent service or replacement will bring significant benefits to your soffit. If you’ve detected any of the following signs, contact us for repairs at (720) 506-4425 today.

Brown Stains:


The Roof’s Soffit Is An Important Component!

The appearance of brownish stains can indicate leakage from your roof that has started to deteriorate your soffit. As water leaks through tar on the underside of your roofing, it will create the brownish stains. Fixing this leak becomes a necessity to preserve the state of your roofing. Since water-damaged soffit becomes open to rot, you will also need to service or change it.

Leaking Gutters:

Inoperable rain gutters cause significant damage to a home, and can indicate that your soffit needs to get changed. Your soffit can take the damage as water pours from holes or cracks, or stops up due to obstructions. The wear your soffit accepts protecting your roof from this water damage will increase over time.


Buckling, an additional indicator of water wear, occurs when the soffit substance has become regularly saturated. This can happen thanks to a roof leak or inoperable rain gutters, and characterizes soffit in immediate need of changing. As the soffit substance becomes regularly sodden, it begins to separate, which creates the telltale buckling.