Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles Can Convincingly Mimic Materials Such As Slate.

When looking for roof materials, you may rapidly feel overwhelmed from the sheer number of choices. Various kinds of roofs have their benefits and drawbacks, and we make it our goal at Front Range Storm Contractors to ensure that any client grasps the choices before them. Synthetic shingles offer an abundance of advantages for a roof. Our array of synthetic shingles will surely please any client, and we can suggest them for almost any project.

Front Range Storm Contractors goes above and beyond for its clients in Castle Rock, CO, and represents the smart area supplier for roofing work. Our expansive knowledge in roofing allows us to offer clients a flawless installation of synthetic shingles. When one thinks about roofing, long-lasting durability relies a lot on how it was installed. With us, you never have to feel anxious that a flawed job has compromised the durability of your investment. To find out more in regards to our service with synthetic shingles in Castle Rock, CO, give us a call now at (720) 506-4425.

The Pros of Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Roofing Materials Can Allow for Creative Designs.

Formulated to look like wood, slate, or ceramic, synthetic shingles provide an appealing, reasonably priced selection. The chief benefits of synthetic shingles arrive from their price point and general resilience. The premier weather resistance of synthetic shingles additionally spares homeowners a good amount on repair over the lifespan of the roofing system. Even more beneficial aspects exist for synthetic shingles, reasons that can perhaps prove convincing for hesitant property owners.

Style and Appearance: For homeowners who wish a first-rate look for the house, synthetic materials appear as an almost exact equivalent once placed on the roof. You should also count on locating the appropriate shingles to correspond to your house’s look, as synthetic roofing is available not only in different colors, but a variety of shapes as well.

Lightweight: Synthetic roofs are shockingly lightweight, a huge boon over weightier shingles such as slate or tile. Not all structures will even hold the density of slate and tile roofing shingles, at least not without a particular project to reinforce the roof. The lightweight characteristic of synthetic roofing leaves this wholly unnecessary. Roofers can furthermore accomplish a quick installation with lightweight material.

Durability: Synthetic roofing offers practically matchless staying power. This roofing material will last down through the decades, due to their composition from slate and steel, along with rubber. This inborn fortitude means that the shingles don’t necessitate frequent attention. They will also keep their attractiveness over years of rainfall and sun.

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