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Are you noticing a decrease in energy efficiency in your home, along with obvious indications of wear and tear on your roof system? There are many things to look for in roof components, but if you are searching for a solution that will work decades longer than most roofs, you might be interested in one of the greatest roofing systems around. Slate tiles, the beautiful and classic roof solution, are typically seen as one of the greatest roofing materials in the industry. Call our professionals now at (720) 506-4425 if you are interested in learning more about our qualified installation and slate roof repair in Castle Rock, CO. We have been offering high quality slate roofing systems in this town for many years, and the roofing contractors at Front Range Storm Contractors look forward to serving your home as well!

High-Quality Residential Slate Roof Repair

Slate roofing materials are extremely durable, but even they will eventually need to be replaced or repaired. If you notice that the slate tiles on your roof are showing signs of rot, contact a residential roofer as soon as possible. Other signs that your home is in need of slate roof repair include tiles that have slid down the roof, nails that are exposed, and discoloration. When slate roofing materials begin to fail, they lose their usefulness rather quickly, so it is important for you to schedule slate roof repair as soon as possible. Once one of our residential roofing contractors arrives at your home, we will do a quick inspection to determine if the roof is worth repairing, or if it is time for a full-blown replacement.  Either way, we guarantee that we will be able to put your slate roofing system back in working order.

Slate RoofingTiles

Slate Roofing Tiles Are Among the Most Durable Residential Roofing Materials.

In addition to expert slate roof repair in Castle Rock, CO, we offer installation for slate tiles. Installing slate tiles is a very precarious process that requires expert skills and understanding. When you decide on a tile roof system for your home, you understand you are getting premium quality, but did you know that slate tiles are the most durable of any of the tile materials? Slate tiles are so durable, you can expect them to last for more than 100 years on a roof, sometimes even outlasting the structure itself.

Furthermore, the natural stone material of slate is incredibly strong, and cannot be matched by man-made tiles such as clay and concrete. For added safety, this stone is non-combustible, which indicates it will not catch fire, and it additionally defends the roof against mold and fungus growth. In order to enjoy the exact slate roof you have been dreaming of, make sure to ask about the wide selection of choices we offer at Front Range Storm Contractors when you call (720) 506-4425!

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In order to enjoy all of the impressive qualities slate roofs have to offer, it is vital that it is installed properly. If your slate roof is improperly installed, it will cause a long list of problems that can be very hard to fix. For this specific reason, it is important that the roofer you pick has years of expertise with slate roof systems, like our roofers here at Front Range Storm Contractors! Our contractors have been performing top quality installation and slate roof repair in Castle Rock, CO for years, and we know how to do the job correctly. For an excellent roof solution that will serve your house for decades, contact us now at (720) 506-4425!