Architectural Shingles Installation and Repair

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Architectural Shingles Add Dimension to Your Home’s Appearance.

The invention of architectural shingles established a significant step in the right direction for everyday roofing systems. Completely separate from normal asphalt shingles, these shingles arrive with many advantages that cover improved design options. Architectural shingles represent an example of our premier, suggested products for everyone in need of a new roofing system. We are the local leaders on shingles and perform superior installations of this preferred material.

Among the many benefits of an architectural shingle system, it is hard to beat the roofing material’s all-around effectiveness. Compared against standard shingles, the architectural type always comes with heightened longevity. To schedule your installation of architectural shingles in Castle Rock, CO, get in contact with us today at (720) 506-4425.

The Benefits of Architectural Shingles

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An architectural shingle roofing system comes with many benefits for the residence and homeowner. At Front Range Storm Contractors, we do our best to leave our clients informed of all the benefits that their choices will bring. If you go with an architectural shingle roof, you can expect the following areas of advantage for a residence.

Cost: An architectural shingle roof is cheaper than further luxury selections such as slate shingles or cedar shake. The more sizable expense, when analyzed against standard shingles, gets justified with architectural shingles’ significantly higher durability. With fewer service demands or need for replacement, architectural shingles will compensate for this extra cost over time.

Durability: Durability issues may occur with your average roof shingles, as they frequently just involve one blanket of material placed on the decking. Architectural shingle roofing has multiple tiers made of a refined, tougher substance. While average shingle systems only become rated for gusts of wind of 80 mph, the architectural type will withstand winds of 120 mph.

Appearance: With a 3D look that can emulate cedar shake or slate roofs, these shingles additionally are available in a massive array of looks and colors to customize the look of your home. Other, standard roofing materials also may require more repairs than three-dimensional architectural shingles.

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The selection of materials for your new roofing system has a significant impact on the installation’s cost. Though not as economical as other selections, architectural shingles have reduced upkeep requirements and are less likely to experience damage from the elements. We are prepared whenever at (720) 506-4425 to discuss more these shingles and their benefits. For the premier service in architectural shingles in Castle Rock, CO, search no further than the experts at Front Range Storm Contractors.