When Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

Getting a roof inspection is something you shouldn’t forget about when things get busy. It is important that these kinds of things get taken care of on a regular basis. How often, you may ask? A roof inspection should be done once a year. It is easy to put on your calendar and get taken out of the way one time and you’ll be covered for the whole year. A roof inspection is usually quick and will do several things for you. One, it will give you a great opportunity to ask the roofing inspector questions that you had been wanting to know previously. They can show you different parts of the roof that are damaged that you may not even have known about before. Second, once the inspection is over, you will get a detailed list of what needs to be taken care of and you can even get an estimate of how much it will cost when it is over.

Reason To Have a Roof Inspection

Warranty – When you get a new roof, sometimes you end up having a warranty to go along with it. The thing about warranties is that you may have to have your roof inspected during that time so that you can keep up with the rules of that warranty.

Peace Of Mind – When you have your roof inspected, it will allow you to have the peace of mind that everything is working the way it is supposed to be.

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