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Snap Lock Metal Roofing

Snap Lock Metal Roofing Installs Quickly and Offers Premier Water Resistance.

When it comes to metal roofing, the standing seam variety now represents the industry standard. If you’re thinking about a standing seam metal roof, you have a couple options to choose from. Mechanical and snap lock metal roofing both offer premier resistance against leaks, but work best on different types of structures. At Front Range Storm Contractors, we offer a wide range of metal roof materials, including these kinds of standing seam, which are particularly popular choices.

While the two types have differences, each shares the core aspects of standing seam metal: resiliency, infrequent maintenance requirements, and exceptional resistance to leaks. The two varieties thus offer similar protection, but with different installation methods. Contact us now at (720) 506-4425 to ask more about standing seam snap lock metal roofing in Castle Rock, CO. We’ll happily answer any questions, and can also schedule a consultation for service.

The Benefits Of A Snap Lock Metal Roof

One of the great things about standing seam metal roofing is that it’s a great option for home properties. As the name indicates, snap lock metal panels easily interlock and connect by snapping into one another along the seams. Installation is a breeze for snap lock metal, but it is generally only used for residential roofs with a fairly steep slope. For low or flat slopes, mechanical lock roofing is more appropriate. No matter which option you go with, however, metal always offers improved energy efficiency and a long lifespan.

Along with all of metal roofing’s benefits comes a higher installation cost when compared to shingles. However, for the whole lifespan of the system, metal roofs are commonly considered to be the most cost-effective option. These roofing systems do not usually need repairs or maintenance, and since they endure almost two times as long as traditional roof varieties, they end up saving you large sums of money.

Call for Snap Lock Metal Roofing

Since traditional roof materials such as shingles only last for half as long, you need to multiply their price by two to properly compare them to a metal roofing option. If you’re ready to learn more or schedule service for snap lock metal roofing in Castle Rock, CO, contact our expert team now at (720) 506-4425.