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Modern Homes with Flat Roofs Can Benefit from a Mechanical Lock Standing Seam Roof.

There are two primary options of standing seam metal roof systems that you can choose from: mechanical lock and snap lock. In this section, we’ll go over the mechanical lock standing seam roof. Preferred for low-slope roof systems, mechanical lock metal roofing is quite less costly than the snap lock counterpart. To ask for a mechanical lock standing seam roof in Castle Rock, CO, contact Front Range Storm Contractors. Talk to us about your requirements and budget by calling (720) 506-4425, and we can go over your ideal roofing options.

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Mechanical Lock Standing Seam Roof

If You Own a Home with a Low Slope or Flat Roof, Consider Mechanical Lock Roofing.

If you have already settled on a standing seam metal roof, the next step is to pick between snap lock panels or mechanical lock panels. Lower slope roofing systems are more susceptible to leaks, so a mechanical lock standing seam roof will be the preferred option, whereas roofs with steep slopes can get adequate protection from snap lock systems. Keep in mind, however. that mechanical lock metal roofing is more time consuming to install, though less expensive to purchase.

With each of these options, you will get a durable and strong roofing system that provides dependable protection. As with all metal roofs, you can also rely on this material to give your structure improved energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. While it is common to see these materials on commercial roofs, modern homes everywhere are also beginning to enjoy this resilient roofing solution.

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The projected lifespan of these installations is more than 40 years, so you can expect it to last twice as long as materials like single ply membranes or traditional shingles. This long lifespan is a large part of why these materials are more costly when initially installed. If you look at the lifetime of the roofing, however, you will ultimately spend much less, as the roof system will not need replacement or frequent maintenance.

If you want to learn more, call (720) 506-4425 and talk with one of our roofers about the perks of each standing seam option. If a mechanical lock standing seam roof in Castle Rock, CO seems like the ideal option for your residential roofing, talk to Front Range Storm Contractors now to begin!