4 Signs You Need Window Replacement

If you have noticed increasing heating and cooling bills recently, but nothing has changed, it might be that you have a broken window. Here are some ways to tell if your window is damaged and if it is time for a replacement:

If You Feel A Draft Coming From Your Windows, Call Us Today For Replacement!

  • Whenever touch the window in the summer, it is hot, and it is cold when you touch it in the winter. There is a draft coming in through the windows and holes need to be sealed up to prevent air from escaping and heat from entering.
  • You can visibly see the window frame cracking or rotting. This is letting out all the cool air and letting in space for insects to crawl in.
  • Noticeable cracks or breaks in the window pane. Dangerous and unpleasant to look at, this also gives burglars easier access to your home as your line of defense is already significantly weakened.
  • You can hear noises from far away outside way louder than you used to. This is because the windows have begun to lose to soundproofing abilities as the they are not absorbing the outside sound vibrations like they once were.

Upgrading to newer energy efficient windows will not only solve all these problems, but will lower energy bills by reflecting sunlight and not heating the home as much, keeping it cooler. There are so many styles, brands, colors, and sizes of windows to choose from that you will surely find your perfect match!

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