3 Shingle Upgrades for the Modern Homeowner

Metal Shingle

Stone Coated Steel Shingles Provide Some of the Strongest, Long-Term Protection Available.

Asphalt shingling has its appeal: it provides affordable roofing and simplified maintenance requirements. If you’re looking to update your roofing system however, there are many ways to improve your roof’s functionality and curb appeal without completely redesigning your home. Here are three brilliant shingle upgrades you can fall in love with!

Upgrade #1: Architectural Shingles

Asphalt shingles may be the most widely used roofing material in America, but it doesn’t work for every home. That’s where architectural (or laminate) shingles come in. These shingles will adhere to almost any surface, even to vertical slopes. Laminate material is carefully installed in a layered method that creates stronger protection against wind and rainfall. They come in numerous colors and textures, so you’ll never run short of ideas for your home!

Upgrade #2: Impact Resistant Shingles

Hail damage is a frustrating irritant that millions of Americans deal with on a regular basis. What if you never had to worry about hail damage on your roof again? Impact resistant shingles will absorb the trauma of hail striking up to 90 miles per hour. If that weren’t appealing enough, some homeowner insurance companies will even provide discounts for homes with these sturdy shingles! What’s more beautiful than saving hundreds of dollars each year?

Upgrade #3: Stone Coated Steel

Depending on the material used, metal shingles can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years. Stone coated steel offers incredibly sturdy protection against weather (including hail), while potentially reducing your home’s energy consumption as well. There’s an enormous variety of colors and textures to choose from, so you should have an easy time finding one that matches your home’s decor.

Which of these shingle upgrades do you think would suit your home? For more details or questions regarding your home’s roofing system, call our team at (720) 506-4425.